Double Bachelor's degree: Bachelor's degree in Primary Education and Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences

Faculty/School regulations

[Internship Management Application]

ECTS credits

38 ECTS credits


  • Internship II Degree in Primary Education (14 ECTS, 4th academic year) [course guide]
  • Internship III Degree in Primary Education - Physical Ed. (24 ECTS, 5th academic year) [course guide]

1. Regulations

2. Organisation

2.1 Prerequisites

  • Internship II: 100 ECTS / Internship I or analoge subject (800009)
  • Internship III: 97 ECTS Didactic specialisation subjects / Internship II / mention subjects (see requirements)

2.2 Calendars

3. Host schools

4. Information for the tutor

5. Documentation