Double Bachelor's degree: Bachelor's degree in Primary Education and Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences


Useful prior knowledge

  • A good level in fields of science, mathematics and the social sciences.
  • IT skills.
  • A good command of spoken and written language.

Useful personal attributes

  • Pass the physical education exam (PAP).
  • The ability to relate to and interact with children to promote qualitative changes that enable them to live in a changing society.
  • The motivation to participate in group processes.
  • An interest in the teaching and learning processes.
  • An awareness of individual differences.


Pre-registration and admission procedure


* Students who wish to take this double plan should follow the usual procedure to access the university, through a pre-enrolment, as established by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

* The number of places offered in these studies will be limited and specific, differentiated from the places offered in the PRIMARY EDUCATION DEGREE and the PHYSICAL ACITVITY AND SPORTS SCIENCES DEGREE.

* Under no circumstances will the student be able to obtain one of the degrees regardless of the other.

* The double degree in Primary Education and Physical Activity and Sports Sciences cannot be taken on a part-time basis.

Students who would like to obtain a mention, in addition to the Physical Education one, will have to take the 12 credits of Practice III in the chosen mention and the optional subjects in the mention (18 credits)

* To obtain a mention, the student will have to take 30 ECTS corresponding to the electives for mention.

* Permanence / Regsitration limits: Consult de regulations of permanence.

* Subject recognitions offered in this double plan are only applicable to those students enrolled in the Double Degree in Primary Education and Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. Other students would have to refer to the current academic Regulations for subject validations.

* Academic record management: All matters related to the double degree’s academic management as well as student’s enrolment and academic records correspond to the Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

* Pre-requisites and co-requisites: The ones that apply to the Double plan are the same that apply to the Primary Education Degree and to the Physical Activity and Sports Sciences Degree.

* Drop-outs: If a student wants to drop out of the Double Degree but continue with one of the two degrees involved, he/she will have to access the degree through the university pre-enrolment. In that case, the analogue subject validations in this Regulation will not apply and the student will have to pay the price established by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Validantion of CFGS credits

Personal aptitude tests (PAP)

To access the double degree both personal aptitude tests set for each degree must be passed:


Agreement on January 30th 2014 by the Board of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia which establishes the requisites to access the Preschool and the Primary Education Degrees, in any of its denominations. «To access the Degree in Teacher of Primary Education, it will be necessary to pass a personal aptitude test (PAP), which is coordinated by the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia.

The goal is to evaluate the knowledge, the skills and the competences which are considered essential to successfully course the syllabus. In some cases, students will also have to pass the university access tests (PAU). This test (PAP) will be established in accordance with the criteria of the Board of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia.

The coordination of the PAP will be entrusted to the offices of the Secretary of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia (CIC), which are responsible for the University Access Tests (PAU) and for university’s access management.

The calendar and the pre-enrolment conditions for the tests will be published annually, along with a detailed description of its content and the evaluation criteria. The tests will be organized ensuring the principles of equality, merit and ability. »


The R.D. 1423/92 on November 27th, about the incorporation of the Physical Education to the university, establishes that the general rules to access the university will also apply to the access to the university studies in Physical Education. However, it adds “ attention to the essential skills needed to learn the subjects and disciplines of the physical education, universities may test the applicant’s aptitudes for physical activity and sport.

The test will not measure the knowledge in any case and the result will either be qualified or not qualified...”.

The goal of the access test at the Catalan National Institute for Physical Education (INEFC) is that the applicant can prove that he/she has the capacities, abilities and is fit enough to successfully course the Physical Activity and Sports Sciences Degree.

The Personal Aptitude Test will consist of 4 physical tests with the following conditions:

  • The applicant must do all tests.
  • Only the top three will be taken into consideration.
  • Each test will be scored according to a specific scale, rating from 0 to 10.
  • A 0,000 score will be allowed only in one test, excluding the swimming one. Scoring 0,000 in the swimming test or in more than one test will get a result of NOT QUALIFIED.
  • The applicant will get a result of QUALIFIED if the result of adding the top three scores is 9 points or higher.

Please check all the information on the Personal Aptitude Test at INEFC’s web page:
Any sections not covered in this specific regulation will be referred to the Regulation for the enrolment in official university degree studies of the corresponding academic year, or will be dealt with by the Academic Affairs Committee of the University of Lleida.

Professional outings

La profesión para la que se capacita a las personas graduadas una vez obtenido el título es la de Maestro/a en Educación Primaria (ORDEN ECI/3857/2007).