Double Bachelor's degree: Bachelor's degree in Primary Education and Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences

Objectives and competences

The goals of the Primary Education Degree are:

To train graduates in the practice of teaching, to grant them the necessary knowledge and the specific interdisciplinar and transdisciplinar educational treatment, to ensure the acquisition of the professional skills and to encourage them in the need of being trained and to reflect to promote educational experiences in educational innovation. In the Mention in Physical Education provided within the Primary Education Degree, the student learns the theoretical and practical fundamentals of the Physical Education in the Primary Education with the purpose of acquiring a range of physical and motor skills to design consistent, formal and informal teaching and learning processes. Those skills should be strategically combined with the methodological resources and the specific tools to encourage the skill development and to evaluate the learning processes under the curriculum. The graduates will be able to practice as teachers in Physical Education and/or as teachers in Primary Education, among others.

The goals of the Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Degree are:

To train professionals in acquiring the knowledge, the skills and the competences which will allow them to assume the responsibility of performing activities in the profession of sport, which is the one specifically exercised in the different areas of sports. This is done through the application of the skills and techniques from the physical activity and sport sciences. Graduates will be able to practice, among others, as teachers in Physical Education1, as entertainers or as professional sport coaches and as sports executives.

Both degrees converge in preparing their students to teach Physical Education. They differ in the educative stage in which the graduates have to demonstrate their professional competence. For that reason the plan of subjects considers the goals of both degrees.
In addition to teaching in Physical Education, the degrees offer other career opportunities: teacher in Primary Education, entertainer or professional sport coach and sports executive.